Marlin Model 1893 Deluxe Take-Down, Engraved



This Marlin 1893 rifle is factory engraved with a number 5 (4) pattern.  In 1899 Marlin listed four different variations of the No.5 engraving pattern.  While this rifle does not letter as engraved, many factory engraved Marlin firearms were never recorded by the factory as originally engraved.  Factory engraved Marlin’s are quite rare and this rifle is no exception.  You will see several “before” photos of the rifle showing the poor condition of the finish and engraving before Turnbull Restoration began the restoration effort.

The original number 5 (4) engraving pattern was shown by the factory to have gold wire on the hammer, lever and right side of the receiver.  This rifle however was originally done with gold wire on the hammer, and left and right sides of the receiver, as well as the barrel and the take-down collar.  The barrel is engraved with gold wire inlays at both the breech and muzzle.  The top of the butt plate tang also features engraving and a gold wire inlay.

The rifle is fitted with a 26″ full octagon barrel and full length magazine tube.  The stocks are 3X fancy walnut with had cut checkering.  The checkering can most closely be described as is a No. F pattern.  The No. F pattern is described by Marlin as a combination of the No. B and No. D patterns.

The metal finishes on this rifle include Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening, Charcoal Bluing and Rust Bluing.

Additional information

Log Number 2217
Inventory Status






Serial Number

163, XXX




Barrel Length


Barrel Shape

Full Octagon

Magazine Tube

Full length


Rocky Mountain front, sporting rear


3X fancy, pistol grip

Type of Butt



Factory engraved No. 5 (4)

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