Holland & Holland Double Rifle



The name Holland & Holland is spoken with a certain reverence in the gun making world.  No other gun maker is more synonyms with old world craftsmanship and attention to detail as the name Holland & Holland.  This ejector hammerless double rifle chambered in 375 H&H is no exception.  From the impeccable wood to metal fit, the impossibly detailed engraving, details like the gold inlaid cocking indicators, checkered trigger and ivory insert in the rear sight, this Holland & Holland is gun making at its finest.

Restoration work on this rifle included complete stock and metal restoration including repairing a number of damaged screws, full polish and engraving re-cut on the barrels, and a complete restoration of the stocks including a lengthy hand re-cut of all the stock checkering.  Metal finishes include: color case hardening on the receiver & grip cap, rust blue on the barrels and charcoal blue on the small parts such as the trigger, top lever and triggers.

Additional information

Log Number 18724
Inventory Status



Holland & Holland





.375 H&H Magnum

Barrel Length



3 leaf express rear with ivory insert. Day/night reversible front.


3X fancy English Walunt

Type of Butt

Checkered horn butt plate, steel grip cap.

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