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Produced by Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company between 1883 and 1885, The 1883 Burgess rifle was designed and patented by Andrew Burgess. Mr. Burgess was the American firearms designer and photographer who sold his design to Colt.

The Burgess rifle was Colt’s only entrance into the lever-action rifle market. It was produced to compete with Winchester Repeating Arms Company’s line of popular rifles. The move was also the reason for an eventual “gentleman’s agreement” between the famous revolver manufacturer and Winchester. Colt halted production of the Burgess, while in return Winchester dropped its plans to develop a revolver.

The Colt-Burgess rifle was similar in design to the Winchester Model 1873, although lighter than “the gun that won the west” due to its smaller receiver. Colt offered the repeater in two configurations: a 20″ carbine and a 25-1/2″ rifle. This restored example is in the latter configuration, with a round barrel chambered in .44-40 Winchester.

History Restored:

  • Provide and fit new barrel
  • Polish barrel and magazine tube for correct finish
  • Build new field-grade butt stock and forend
  • Restore all original barrel markings
  • Rust blue barrel and magazine tube
  • Polish receiver and all other parts for correct finish
  • Restore all original receiver markings
  • Charcoal blue receiver and parts
  • Color case harden lever and hammer

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Circa 1883-1885



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