Colt 2nd Generation SAA – Mfg: 1957


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Upgraded 2nd generation Colt SAA.  The revolver was originally produced in 1957 and the engraving added at a later date.  The engraving coverage is 75%+ with the only open areas being the bottom of the barrel and the front of the grip frame.  The initials T.J.K. are hand cut on the bottom of the frame above the serial number (possibly the engravers initials?). 

Gold wire inlays are present on the barrel, cylinder, trigger guard loop (bottom) and backstrap.  The sides of the hammer are engraved with a wolf’s head on both sides and the hammer has polished sides.

Grips are two piece ivory (blind screw right grip) with a relief carved Helfricht style longhorn steer head on the right grip.  Grip fit is very good with only the slightest trace of grip shrinkage on the backstrap and at the toe.

Finish is 99% as re-blued with the screws showing wear of the nitre blue finish.  The front of the cylinder shows only a slight trace of the revolver being fired in the past.

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Log Number 3857




Serial Number

14140SA (Mfg 1957)


Single Action Revolver


Barrel Length



Two piece carved ivory

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