Colt SASS Single Action Army with Turnbull Finishes – SOLD



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This is a custom, Colt Single Action Army Revolver ordered by a member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). These special order revolvers could be ordered from Colt with the SASS member’s badge number as the firearm’s serial number. Searching SASS09877 reveals that this SASS member ordered from Colt in 1998 (“Custom Single Action Army”) and 1999. More on that below.

The gun comes with shipping sleeve, box and paperwork.

Notes on the shipping sleeve indicate that the gun was fitted with checkered French walnut Fleur-De-Lis grips by Paul Persinger. Also note that the sleeve indicates that it is a .38-40 with 7.5″ barrel. This example is in .44-40 with a 5.5″ barrel and removable base pin bushing.

Our best determination is that the SASS member had the 1998 “Custom Single Action Army” fitted with the Persinger grips and the sleeve got switched with the .38-40 sleeve at some point.

The most recent owner sent the SAA to Turnbull Restoration for our metal finishes, including: color case hardened frame, loading gate and hammer; charcoal blued barrel and grip frame; nitre blued trigger, pins and screws. The revolver has retained the Persinger grips.

This Third-Generation Colt SAA is in overall excellent mechanical condition with only light usage.

Additional information

Log Number 180C
Serial Number








Single Action Revolver

Barrel Length



Paul Persinger Checkered French Walnut Fleur-De-Lis



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