Doug Turnbull’s RAF Update: RAF’s Private Use Airport Initiative

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Private Use Airport Owners and Managers:

It’s important to update your airport’s information with the FAA. Visit to learn how The RAF is helping out with its Private Use Airport Initiative.

Image Source: Recreational Aviation Foundation

I’ve been working on an important RAF outreach project this month, which I’m excited to share with you in my first “RAF Update” installment.

As Western/Central New York Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation (The RAF), I’m reaching out to my region’s private use airport owners/managers to make them aware of the importance of updating their airport data with the FAA. It’s a nation-wide effort, where RAF Liaisons and Ambassadors are reaching out to roughly 2,700 private use airport owners/managers within our respective states.

You can learn more about The RAF’s Private Use Airport Initiative by visiting their website.

I hope the many pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the Turnbull Restoration community enjoy these updates and links. Feel free to comment below!

Happy flying,

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    Great effort! Good luck with it.
    I no longer live in NYS. Left in 1965 to join the AF. Flew fighters for many years. Had to sell my Cub this summer due to medical issues.
    I initially thought RAF was for Royal Air Force. Thought maybe you made a trip over there. Good luck.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🦃


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