Doug Turnbull’s RAF Update: Preserving a Scenic New England Airport for Generations to Come

by | Dec 16, 2020 | Aviation, Doug Turnbull, RAF Update | 1 comment

Image Source: Recreational Aviation Foundation

Preservation is a big part of recreational aviation, and therefore a big part of what we do through The Recreational Aviation Foundation. I’m proud of my RAF colleagues for helping to save the unique and historic Goodspeed Airport in neighboring Connecticut. You can read all about Goodspeed’s preservation on The RAF website.

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  1. William Basinski

    Yep, I was a Polack Ultralight Astronaut for a few years, wanted to learn more about aviation so I took lessons in C-152s and bought a Kolb Twinstarbkit plane with a Rotax 100 HP 4-stroke amphibious with retractable gear, but the dude that built it for me chopped 3 ft off the tail boom so it was really squirrely and it killed him. So now I’ve been grounded for 25 years but alive. I live to hunt. I look up to the sky and miss being there.


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