Firearm Finishing

In order for us to properly quote you a price on refinishing or restoration work, we need to have the gun in hand.  For a complete and accurate quote, please fill out and print the form below and send it in with your firearm.  This will help us provide a more accurate and timely quote.  If you have not worked with us before, please call us at 585-657-6338, so we can walk you through the process.  Thank you!

Restoration Request Form

Restoration request form

Request A Restoration or more information about firearm finishing.

Looking to have your gun refinished?  Call the leading experts at Turnbull for your free quote from one of our Gunsmiths!

Turnbull is the industry leader in vintage firearm restoration and metal finishes.  At Turnbull, we are experts at gun refinishing and matching the finish of your vintage gun to its original, time period correct, finish and polish marks. Our signature touches can be applied to many modern-build firearms as well, transforming your late model gun to an instant heirloom.

Our firearm refinishing starts by disassembling the gun and each part of the mechanisms.  We will then hand polish each part that is getting refinished, so it is nice and smooth and ready to handle the finish.  Once the gun has been polished, we will begin the process of applying finish to the metal parts.  After several applications, we will then apply a clear coat (for color case parts only) to seal and preserve the finish.  All of this is done by industry leading gunsmiths, who will handle your firearm with expert care.  Our expertise includes, but is not limited to;

Handgun refinishing

Shotgun refinishing

Gun barrel refinishing

Single Action revolver refinishing

Rifle refinishing

Please call or email us to talk to one of our Gunsmiths BEFORE you send your gun in for refinishing, we may be able to save you time and money.  In order to accurately quote a price, we need to ask you some questions and, in most cases, see the gun.  So, if you are looking to have the metal on your gun refinished, call us today and you will be directly connected with one of our in house Gunsmiths for a personal quote.