475 Turnbull Rifle Components

475 Turnbull

The 475 Turnbull rifle cartridge is the brainchild of the man with the same last name. Doug Turnbull has been the recognized leader in high quality firearms restoration for over 20 years. Doug has spent the last several years designing a cartridge for vintage lever action rifles, specifically the Model 1886 Winchester. Doug designed the cartridge for the lever action rifle because it didn’t exist. Winchester tinkered with the 46 WCF idea but never followed through with the final development.

475 Turnbull Ballistics (Reloading Data)

Bullet Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (ft/sec) Muzzle Energy (ft lbs)
350 2500 4110
400 2150 4104
450 2050 4198
500 1900 4007
475 Turnbull Caliber/Barrel Conversion Price
Existing Barrel (re-bore) Call for Pricing
New Barrel (up to 26") Call for Pricing
Extra barrel length up to 30" Call for Pricng
Barrel over 30" Call for Pricing
475 Turnbull Reloading Dies & Brass Price
RCBS Loading Dies Call for Pricing
Hornady Loading Dies Call for Pricing
Headstamped Brass (Box of 20) Call for Pricing