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Interested in purchasing your next collectable? Looking to restore your antique or classic firearm? Searching for a builder of period-correct reproductions? How about transforming your factory-new favorite into a time-traveling marvel?
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Featured Product: Red Dot Sight Mounts

Yes, red dot sights have gained massive popularity with handgun owners. But hunters are getting in on the action too. With lever-action rifles regaining popularity in the field, hunters of all ages are looking for alternatives to “as-issued” open sights. They’re adopting red dot sights as a pragmatic solution that even us purists can get behind.

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Preserve: Antique and Classic Firearm Restoration Services

Restoration of firearms involves a great deal of knowledge, craftsmanship, patience and a keen eye for detail. When done correctly, authentic restorations can provide a look into the past while preserving important pieces of history and cherished memories.

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Example of a Winchester Model 1886 Restoration and Upgrade

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Revere: Period-Correct Creations

The same passion and attention to detail that’s invested in every antique and classic restoration project goes into our newly-manufactured examples as well. Turnbull Model 1886 big-bore rifles are immaculate reproductions of iconic forebears, renowned for their unmatched quality and use of signature Turnbull techniques.

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Inspire: The Finish Works

Our customers often ask us if their newly-manufactured firearms can be made to look old by applying our signature, restoration-grade techniques. Our finishes have been meticulously developed to match those of the original gun makers of yesteryear, and in many instances we can transform a new firearm to an instant family heirloom.

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