Turnbull Manufacturing Co. Model 1886

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Turnbull Manufactured Rifles, Turnbull Model 1886

Turnbull Manufacturing Company is proud to announce their latest project: A true reproduction of an original Model 1886, a John Moses Browning duplicate, with 100% interchangeable parts.  Standard chamber is in either .45-70 or .45-90, but for an additional charge other factory chambers are available as well as the .475 Turnbull and 50-110.  The 26” full octagon barrel and full length magazine tube are rust blued.  The receiver, hammer, lever, forend carp and crescent butt plate are all finished in Turnbull’s period-correct Color Case Hardening, while the small parts are charcoal blued.   The rear sight is a flat top style with a 1/16” diameter brass bead front sight.  Field grade walnut stocks are finished just as their restorations.  Many upgrades are available for you to customize this to your fondness.  Your Model 1886 rifle will look just as it would have went it left the factory in the 19th century.  Prices start at $2,650.00 To order your Turnbull Mfg. Co. Model 1886, contact Turnbull Mfg. Co. at 585-657-6338, www.turnbullrestoration.com or send an email to info@turnbullmfg.com.