Sneak Peek: NRA Convention 2017 Preview

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Gun Show, News, Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Blog

Turnbull on the Road Banner NRA 2017

The National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings & Exhibits come at a great time of year. For us in the northeast, late April is usually the time we can safely say winter is behind us. More importantly, our minds finally turn to the outdoors and our favorite shooting pastimes.

Regardless of residence, NRA’s massive April 27-30 event lets all of us dream about all those outdoor days ahead. Namely, what gear should we purchase for the hunts and outings we’ve planned? What new firearms should we add to our collections? Which of our antique and vintage rifles, shotguns and handguns should we restore this year?

Turnbull Restoration will have plenty at NRA to set you up for the business end of 2017. Swing by booth #1213 to find out. Here’s a preview.

Restoration Services

Restored Winchester 1886 for blog

Antique firearms hold unique value to each of us. For some, it’s the sentimental value. For others it’s the investment value. For others still it’s maintaining the beauty and period accuracy of one’s collection. We want you to enjoy your vintage rifle, shotgun or handgun to the fullest possible extent, and gun restoration services are often a great option. We’re offering no-fee no-obligation restoration quotes at our booth, so please swing by so we can start the conversation. If we need to transport your firearm to our Bloomfield, NY shop for further assessment, we’ll assist with all the arrangements.

Also, we’re always on the lookout for unique vintage guns and collections to buy. If you have something you’d like to sell or trade in, come see us.

Turnbull-Finished Production Firearms

Some have already heard about our latest Turnbull-finished offerings. The NRA show gives you the opportunity to see the striking Turnbull Ruger Mark IV and Turnbull Marlin 336C up close and in-person. The iconic pistol and popular lever-action rifle are both the perfect canvas for our metal and wood finishing. UPDATE APRIL 25: Our newly-launched Turnbull Winchester 1892 and 1873 will be at NRA too!

– Turnbull Ruger Mark IV

Turnbull Ruger Mark IV left and right

Like the Mark III, the Ruger Mark IV .22LR is known for its accuracy and reliability. We’ve polished and color case hardened the tube and barrel, and are now releasing it for the low price of $595.

– Turnbull Marlin 336C

Turnbull Marlin 336C Right Side

The Marlin 336C .30-30 enjoys massive popularity among hunting rifles in North America.  For a limited time we’re selling the Marlin 336C with our signature touches for only $1,200. We’ve refinished the stock and forend to match the classic Marlin Red finish. The receiver has also been refinished with the famous Turnbull color case hardening process.

– Turnbull Winchester 1892

Turnbull Winchester 1892 in .44 Remington with pistol grip

It’s no mystery that Winchester lever action rifles hold a special place in our heart, especially the Model 1892. Starting with a new Model 1892 Short Rifle with octagon barrel, we apply our signature color case hardening process to the receiver, lever, hammer, butt plate and forend cap. In addition, we refinish the factory-checkered stocks in a hand-rubbed oil finish to match Winchester’s classic red shading. A significant final touch is our safety conversion process, which helps transform the new 1892 to its forbearer’s original spec. The 1892 is available in .44 Rem Mag (pistol grip) or .45 Colt (straight grip).

– Turnbull Winchester 1873

5533 Turnbull Winchester 1873 in 44-40

Known around the world as “The Gun that Won the West,” Winchester’s Model 1873 is certainly among the icons. The 1873 is offered in .357-38, .44-40 Win or .45 Colt. Cowboy Action Shooters love the fact that the rifle fires the same ammunition as their revolvers. In addition, competitors love the ultra-smooth, short stroke lever action found on the .357-38 and .45 Colt versions.

Ruger Mark IV Give-Away

And speaking of our Mark IV, make sure you have a chance to win one! Just visit our booth, and take a quick moment to enter our give-away.

Stay Tuned…

That’s a lot of exciting stuff, and we’ve got a few other things in the works that we hope to launch at NRA – so stay tuned. Also, be sure to visit our full tradeshow schedule to learn more about NRA Annual Meetings and all the other shows we’re attending this year.