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We Need to See it to Quote it!


Restoration Request Form


Careful attention to detail is the key to quality firearm restorations.

There is no way to offer a quote unless the firearm is shipped to us for evaluation. The process to send your gun in is easy. First print the Restoration Request Form above, and fill it out as much as you can.  Next, place your gun in a case, so it won’t get damaged during delivery, and ship using UPS, FedEx or your local Postal Service (note* – please do not use your local post office for shipping handguns, as it is NOT legal to ship through the USPS).  Be sure to include the Restoration Request Form with your gun. We can usually provide a written quote within 14 days and will request a reply from you within 30 days. You may have the option to select some or all of the quoted items on the firearm restoration list. Sometimes a partial firearm restoration is not possible due to the restoration techniques and processes we use. If you decide not to have the work done we will return the firearm at no cost. Approved quotes are added to our schedule and the project is set in motion.

Send your firearm in for a no cost, no obligation quotation. Only pay for the return shipping if the quotation is declined.

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Preserving an important piece of history


The thought of restoring old guns to original condition has long been considered unacceptable. It was believed that tampering with an original gun would detract from its value, even if time and heavy use had taken its toll. No one could possibly duplicate the original firearm finishes let alone the quality and craftsmanship of the original guns, or maybe people consider it a sign of disrespect to disturb the work of the original craftsmen.

Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co. is committed to honoring the original gun makers by returning these guns to their original beauty. Restoration of firearms involves a great deal of knowledge, skill, patience and a keen eye for detail. When done correctly, restoration can provide a look into the past as well as preserving an important piece of history.

Careful polish work, hand checkering and rust bluing are just some of the key steps in our firearm restoration work.

When someone asks if restoration will affect the value of the firearm, remind them that The Statue of Liberty, The Washington Monument, The Star Spangled Banner and The Charter of Freedom (Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence) have all undergone restoration efforts. Does restoring these pieces of American history diminish their value or significance in our country’s history?

We hope the original gun makers would be proud to see these guns being preserved for future generations. The craftsmen at Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co. are dedicated to continuing the great gun making tradition in this country.