Winchester 1886 Deluxe, Swiss Butt Plate


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This Model 1886 has been completely restored to the original factory letter.  The rifle is fitted with a set of 3X fancy stocks with a pistol grip butt stock.  The pistol grip has the correct ebony inlay as was done by the factory.  The butt plate is a factory special order “Swiss style”.  The rifle is also fitted with a set trigger.

The restoration work included a new barrel and new stocks to original Winchester dimensions and specifications.  A complete metal restoration including a full polish and restoration of all the barrel and receiver markings was completed as well. 

The receiver, hammer, lever & forend cap are finished with the correct Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening for the vintage of this rifle.  The barrel and magazine tube (even though you can not see the tube) are finished with period correct Slow Rust bluing. 

The bolt, screws and the sights are finished with Charcoal Bluing.  The trigger is finished with Nitre Bluing which is correct for an early production set trigger rifle.

The “Swiss style” butt plate is correctly nickel plated per the original factory finish for a butt plate of this type.

This Model 1886 is a truly unique and extremely rare rifle in a configuration not seldom seen.  The restoration work has rescued this rifle from the brink of ruin and returned it to its original beauty. 

Additional information

Log Number 3072
Inventory Status






Serial Number

5098 (Mfg. 1887)




Barrel Length


Barrel Shape

1/2 round 1/2 octagon

Magazine Tube

Half (button)


Winchester sporting front & rear


3X fancy, H-pattern (24 LPI), pistol grip

Type of Butt

Nickel plated Swiss butt plate

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