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The Union Switch & Signal company of Swissvale Pennsylvania, primarily made railroad signaling equipment but received a contract on May 5, 1942 for the manufacture of 200,000 M1911A1 pistols.  A total of 55,000 Union Switch and Signal pistols were produced.  These pistols were serial numbered from 1041405 to 1096404.   U.S.&S. pistols are the second rarest of the M1911A1 pistols produced (55,000 total production).  Only the Singer manufactured 1911A1 is rarer (500 produced).  The Union Switch & Signal 1911A1 does not have the crossed cannons ordnance stamp even though the ordinance department standardized this marking in late 1942.

Most of the early pistols up through about serial 1060100 did not receive the “P” proof on the slide and frame.  From about 1060100 to about 1082000, the “P” proof was stamped on the left side of the frame near the magazine catch and on left edge of the slide near the rear sight, near where the where the curved portion of the slide meets the flat.  The location of the “P” on the slide was the result of a poorly drawn ordnance drawing showing the placement of the stamping. 

This US&S 1911A1 has been completely restored to original factory condition complete with all the correct factory frame & slide markings.  This pistol just as it did when it left the factory in 1943.  This is indeed a rare pistol and would make a fantastic addition to any 1911 collection.

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Log Number 3606
Inventory Status



Union Switch & Signal



Serial Number

066, 1, 407 (Mfg. 1943)



.45 ACP

Barrel Length



Period correct Keyes Fibre stocks with reinforcing rings at grip screw heads.

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