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Tony Makris, host of ESPN’s “Under Wild Skies” and now, “Under Wild Skies Africa”, has joined forces with Doug Turnbull to produce a special edition lever action rifle. Doug is the world’s foremost expert on firearms restoration. His restoration work on vintage sporting arms (most notably Winchester lever action rifles) has been called by many “better than the original”.

The new 475 Turnbull cartridge bridges the gap from the original Model 1886 calibers, with a cartridge designed for today’s demanding hunters and shooters wishing to venture afield with a lever action rifle.

Starting with a standard USRAC (Winchester) 1886 take-down rifle we re-barrel & re-chamber to 475 Turnbull. We also remove the top tang safety and fill the opening to completely eliminate the safety. The hammer is converted to the original half-cock style safety notch.

A new butt stock is made with a “shotgun style” butt with a recoil pad fit instead of a crescent butt plate. The new butt stock is 2X fancy American Black Walnut, and is checkered in an original Winchester factory H-pattern.

The receiver, hammer, lever and forend cap are finished with traditional Bone Charcoal Color Case Hardening. The barrel and magazine tube are blued using the original Slow Rust Bluing process used by Winchester.

Because these rifles are produced under the “Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co.” label we are able to re-serial number them with a unique serial number sequence. Each Under Wild Skies rifle will be serial numbered UWSxxx.

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Log Number UWS
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Serial Number




.475 Turnbull

Barrel Length


Barrel Shape

Full Octagon

Magazine Tube

Full length


brass bead front., Flattop sporting rear


2X fancy, pistol grip

Type of Butt

Recoil pad


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