Colt Model 1878 “M. Quigley”

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Memories of Quigley Down Under

We’re honored to have helped our friend Tom Selleck celebrate the 30th anniversary of his popular big-screen western Quigley Down Under. Restoring his Colt Model 1878 and engraving the back strap with “M. Quigley” marked the occasion in style! You can see the restoration in detail here, and relive the memories of Quigley Down Under at

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The release of the first double-action revolvers heralded the evolutionary pinnacle of Samuel Colt’s cylinder guns. The year was 1877, when Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company came out with its first double-action known as the Lightning. Colt’s namesake company soon followed with the Model 1878, a big-bore, double-action brother to the Single Action Army (SAA).

This example, manufactured in 1898 and chambered in .44-40, belongs to Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. The antique revolver was restored to help commemorate the 30th anniversary of Mr. Selleck’s big-screen western Quigley Down Under

History Restored

  • Disassemble, clean, inspect
  • Polish to period-correct high polish finish
  • Screws repaired
  • Restore original markings to receiver and parts
  • Engrave “M. Quigley” in block font on grip frame back strap
  • Carbona charcoal blue revolver to original
  • Nitre blue screws, base pin, trigger and hammer
  • Color case harden lanyard swivel and loop
  • Oil, grease, reassemble
  • Fit two piece checkered ivory grips

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Log Number 051120DT





.44-40 Win

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2 reviews for Colt Model 1878 “M. Quigley”

  1. shawn Harper

    Turnbull Restoration in New York state puts out exceptionally superb products. and the social media platform is superb also

  2. shawn Harper

    after looking at the excellent professional photos I am even more impressed.

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