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In 1927, the Argentine government negotiated a contract with Colt for the manufacture of Model 1911 pistols, including a licensing agreement for production. The first 10,000 pistols, known to collectors as Hartford Argentine Army Models, were produced in Argentina using Colt equipment and relocated Colt employees.

Under the agreement, the rights to manufacture would be turned over to Argentina after the first 10,000 examples. Using the same blueprints and Colt trained Argentine employees and inspectors, the Pistola Sistema Modelo Argentino 1927, Calibre 11.25mm was born.

In 1945, the Argentine Military Small Arms Factory (FMAP) began production and assembly of the 1927. Ultimately called the Colt Sistema, these pistols were manufactured for the Argentine Army, Navy, Air Force, police departments, government bureaus, and for commercial sales.

This example, SN 51601, is from 1949. The slide’s left side bears the markings “D.G.F.M. – (F.M.A.P.)”, while the right-side displays “Ejercito Argentino” and “Sist. Colt Cal. 11.25mm Mod. 1927”. A previous owner had the frame and slide re-blued by a 3rd party at some point. Includes one magazine (note: magazine not stamped with serial number).

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