Colt SAA Revolver, Engraved by Lee Griffiths – SOLD



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Presented to you today is an outstanding example of work performed by our fellow guild members. This is a Colt Single Action Army revolver from 1892, restored by Dave Lanara and engraved by FEGA master engraver Lee Griffiths. Its presentation case was crafted by ACGG member Marvin C. Huey Jr.

Per information provided by the revolver’s current owner, the engraving by Mr. Griffiths was inspired by a pattern from the 1876 Centennial Colt exhibition with some minor modifications. The restoration work by Mr. Lanara was performed to his “presentation standard” (i.e., not the Army issue finish, but rather how Mr. Lanara believes a presentation SAA would have been finished in 1876). The upgraded grips are in American black walnut from Mr. Lanara’s own 150-years-old supply.

The leather-wrapped wood presentation case with gold trim by Mr. Huey is a valuable inclusion with this outstanding offering.

The Colt revolver has been well-maintained by the owner since work was performed. Only minor aging and handling marks show.

Additional information

Log Number 333C
Serial Number







Year of Manufacture



Single Action Revolver


Engraved by FEGA Master Lee Griffiths

Barrel Length



American Black Walnut

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