Clarification on Firearms Stolen at Dallas Safari Gun Club Show in Dallas

by | Feb 18, 2010 | Dallas Safari Gun Club, Doug Turnbull Restoration, Stolen Firearms

As many of our loyal customers know, on January 8, 2010, Doug Turnbull Restoration had a display case of collectible pistols stolen from the Dallas Safari Club’s Gun Convention in Dallas. The entire locked display case containing the firearms was stolen overnight while the convention hall was closed to all visitors and vendors.

I want to thank our dozens of friends throughout the firearms collecting and hunting communities who have helped us get the word out about these stolen guns through their personal networks and social media channels.

I have read the various comment posts on Facebook, Twitter and numerous blogs, there seems to be speculation about how our guns were secured. Please allow me to clarify that. The six handguns, worth $20,000, that were stolen, were all in one display case that was locked. The entire display case was stolen during the night from our booth at the convention hall. The convention hall was closed, locked and had a security force on duty.

As part of the booth rental, exhibitors like us are assured security is provided to watch our stuff while we get some rest. Long story short, our gun case was stolen while we slept – gone the next morning when we came back to our booth. This wasn’t a grab and run during the show; we feel it was a planned theft.

As we deal with a mountain of paperwork with our insurance company, and especially the U.S. Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Department, we do hope the guns can be recovered and returned to us.

Descriptions, serial numbers and photos of the stolen guns can be found on our web site. If you can continue to spread the word for us, we’d greatly appreciate it.

If anyone has details about these stolen firearms, please contact the Dallas Police, the ATF or contact us directly at Doug Turnbull Restoration.

Doug Turnbull