A Change of Name, Same Commitment to Firearm Restoration

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Many will have noticed a change in our name in 2017. But why the change to Turnbull Restoration? Restoration services have always been at the heart of what we do. The word “Restoration” has appeared in the various iterations of our company name since we began our work almost 35 years ago.

To us, the word “Restoration” has a few key meanings. “Restoration” reflects the dedication of our craftsmen to continuing the great gunmaking traditions. We hope the original gun makers would be proud to see the care and attention to detail that we put into every restoration. Metal is polished to exacting standards. Edges are refined to the highest levels possible. Stock work is perfected within the tightest tolerances. Metal finishes are applied using only the traditional methods. All this work is in the service of authenticity. It simply has to be done right. You see, every classic gun has a great story. Our goal is to put those stories into the restoration of your cherished firearms.

“Restoration” also reflects our dedication to restoring certain concepts to the forefront of customers’ minds: quality; locally-made; true craftsmanship. The pursuit of these ideals isn’t new, and we’ve been a part of this conversation since we opened our doors. However, through the recent name change we’re re-stating our commitment to purposefully telling this story. And in doing so, we hope this action in some small way inspires others to pursue the same ideals. Both in their daily work, and in what they choose to purchase.

Our goal is to bring the highest level of quality and professionalism to everything we do for you, whether it’s restoration, custom work, OEM finishes, or a newly-manufactured firearm. After 35 years of service, we still apply the same test to everything that leaves our shop: Would I buy it? Because I will not sell anything I would not buy myself. If that sounds old-fashioned, then call us old-fashioned. We’ll take that as a compliment.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you for these 35 years,
Doug Turnbull

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