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Turnbull would like to Thank RIMES group!!

IMG_9203Turnbull would like to say thank you to the RIMES group for coming in and touring our facility.  We would like to especially thank Don Miller, Ken Nelson and Don Allis for heading up the event.  

The tour started with a fantastic speech by our Owner and CEO Doug Turnbull, where he described how Turnbull Manufacturing made its roots and how we got to where we are today.  From there, people were able to walk through the production floor to see how each step of a restoration and gun manufacturing takes place.  Turnbull staff members, Doug Turnbull, John Gligora and Sam Chappell, explained the process that takes place at each work station and showed examples of actual work that is currently in production.  Each of the Turnbull staff members was able to field specific questions that visitors had, to better explain how and what goes on here and at each step of the process.  Many visitors were able to share their experiences and ask questions about guns they are or have built, making this a great learning opportunity for both visitors and us.  At the end of the tour, the RIMES group, led by Ken Nelson, Don Miller and Don Allis, treated the Turnbull staff to a very nice Dinner at Mickey Finns, who did a fantastic job with the event.


As well as offering tours of our facility, Turnbull is more than happy to offer companies, or individuals, the opportunity to have a series of Turnbull Model 1911 handguns custom made, when you purchase 25 or more.  As part of the customization, we will come out and sit down with you and or your company, to help design a custom gun, just for you or your company.  Some custom options include custom engraving patterns, company logos, custom serial numbers and personalized/initialed guns.  If anyone has interest in this offer, please contact Tracy Halpin ( or John Gligora ( at 585-657-6338 for more information.

IMG_9234Pictures of this event are available, at no cost, for anyone who would like them.  For more information about the event or pictures of the event, please contact Aaron Frank ( at 585-657-6338.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended the tour, we hope you had a great time, and hope to see everyone again real soon.


Just Some of What’s Going On in the Shop at Turnbull

We receive a requests all the time through a this blog, Social Media and email asking for photos of “works in progress”. Sometimes it’s an anxious gun owner who wants to see his or her gun as it is transformed into something they can be proud of. Some of the requests come from gun enthusiasts that just love to see firearms restored to factory new condition, and then there are those “shop guys” that just love photos of anything shop/tool related. No matter which category you might fall into, here are some photos taken around the shop over the last couple of weeks, to give you a peek into the daily lives of all the craftsman here at Turnbull.

Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Showroom

If you find yourself, in the neighborhood, or up for a road trip to Bloomfield, NY make sure you stop by our showroom. You’ll always find a great selection of new, used and restored firearms for sale. While you’re at it you can check out just some of Doug’s trophies from past hunting trips.

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Bloomfield, NY 14469
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Turnbull Manufacturing – New Name… Same Great Company

Doug Turnbull Restoration, Inc. has officially changed its name to Turnbull Mfg. Co., Inc. as of April 1, 2010. The name change reflects a shift in Turnbull’s operations where they are now manufacturing many lines of new firearms that are exact replicas of many of the vintage model guns that they are renowned for restoring.

Given their reputation as a world leader in the vintage firearms market, Turnbull Manufacturing has been sought out by several other gun manufacturers to provide their signature color case hardening, bluing and other sophisticated finishes for limited edition and collectible vintage style firearms. Turnbull can provide finishing work done through the original processes and have them appear better than the originals.

Turnbull Manufacturing Company also has their own lines of manufactured vintage firearms which include Winchester-style rifles, Colt-style single action revolvers and their .470 and .475 Turnbull rifles widely used for big game hunting. Turnbull manufactured firearms offer modern ballistic performance while retaining vintage firearm appearances – affording today’s hunters the ability to “shoot history” with improved accuracy.

Turnbull Manufacturing Romances Texas Motor Speedway

If you are anything like me, you love NASCAR!

http://www.texas.speedwaycharities.orgBack in August of 2007 I was watching my favorite driver Tony Stewart win the race at Texas Motor Speedway and shooting off a gun in Victory Lane! (I’ll add the gun was not as beautiful as a Turnbull manufactured firearm.)

I immediately fired off a letter (pun intended) to the folks at Texas Motor Speedway singing praises of
Turnbull Manufacturing. Along with the letter, I sent a custom made pen holder and Turnbull catalog. To my dismay, I got no response!

I shot off another package to yet another in the chain of command at Texas Motor Speedway – same sweet package with the letter, catalog and pen holder. Still no response. I have already made the decision Turnbull Manufactured Firearms need to be in victory lane, so I continue my pursuit.

Third package sent out with the same goods, but to yet another person at Texas Motor Speedway. This time I get a phone call. I was told to “stop being a pain”, and “they got the message loud and clear”. I was further informed they were under contract with another company who was providing the Victory Lane firearms. I wasn’t giving up…

I continued to send emails, letters and each newly printed Turnbull catalog as they were released to this third contact over the years. I followed up in 2009 to see if that “other vendor” still had a contract, and again to my dismay they had just renewed.

Did I mention I had already decided that Turnbull Manufactured firearms were meant to be in Victory Lane at Texas Motor Speedway? I wasn’t about to give up hope.

March 8, 2010 my phone rings… I’m getting ready to leave for a gun show in Germany and the voice on the oth
er end of the line asked “can you help us?” I don’t think I need to tell you who that was. If you’ve seen the news and you’re a fan of ours on Facebook, then you already know that Turnbull Manufacturing is providing the Pole Trophy and Victory Lane Firearms for the 2010 racing season at Texas Motor Speedway – starting with the Samsung Mobile 500 race this weekend.

We’ll be there with these custom manufactured and custom engrave firearms. I’d love to hand
Tony Stewart these 45 Colt revolvers to fire in Victory Lane!

Go Tony!