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What’s Happening in the Firearm Industry – May 2016

With all the gun related news and information out there, it can be hard to stay up to date.  Here is our summary of what industry related news is happening, going to happen and has happened.

People In The Industry

The “Ultimate Badass”.  For anyone familiar with Facebook, you may know that they recently banned the sale of firearms on their social media website.  This decision has been rust-bluemet with quite a bit of response from both sides of the firearm “line”, despite the rarity of getting a decision like this one overturned.  Luckily, for the firearms industry, Chuck Rossi, Facebook’s Director of Engineering, has been openly helping groups that have been recently banned, get back in.  He has even gone a step farther and created a “secret group of administrators for gun enthusiasts pages from around the country.”  He has recently been quoted stating “I am 100% laser focused on getting your groups back to you so you have a chance to get them to comply with the new policy. It is my sole freaking purpose in life until it is done. I’m dumping extra work on my mangers (sic) and my teams to cover for me while I take on this new role,” Rossi wrote. “I know this new policy sucks. I personally don’t agree with it and everyone in Facebook is pissed about how it was rolled out.”  As more details arise on Rossi’s developments, we will be sure to bring them to you.

Great Granny Gun Owner.  On April 28th, 2016, Barbara Moles, 80 year old resident of Sultan Washington, shot and killed an intruder in her home.  An intruder broke into Moles’ tulsa-show3home to steal prescription drugs.  Barb heard the comotion and walked in to see her 75 year old husband, Leland, bleeding on the floor.  The intruder had beaten her husband with a crowbar before Barbara had encountered him.  Barb reached for her .380 pistol, prompting the intruder to call out “gun!” before she fired 4 shots, hitting him 3 times.  Moles has stated she would not hesitate to use her gun again and was quoted saying, “You know how mothers are with their kids,” she said. “That’s the way I am with my husband. I just protect his back. I’m not just the typical granny — in case you haven’t noticed.”  Police are investigating the incident, however, no charges are expected against Barbara Moles.

New Tech

Mossberg’s New Safety Technology.  Mossberg has been a trusted gun manufactured since they were founded in New Haven CT back in 1919.  With the political times changing and several people calling for addition gun regulations, Mossberg is trying to stay ahead of Hot-Blue-in-Firearm-Finishesthe curve.  Mossberg is part of a group of pioneers that are using modern sensor technology to make guns more safe.  Mossberg understands that firearms safety methods have been eschewed by guns owners because existing systems make the gun difficult to use in emergency situations. Lock-based solutions for example, require a user to locate a key, unlock the lock, and then remove it from the trigger before the gun can be fired.  In response to this, Mossberg is working with iGun Technology Corp. to develop a gun that can only be shot by the person wearing the gun’s sensor ring.  This ties a gun to a single user and makes it easy for that person to grab their gun and fire immediately in an emergency.  “We’re gun people, so we know when you pick up a gun you want to shoot it,” Mossberg said. “You don’t want to swipe your finger. You don’t want to talk to it. In an emergency situation, you want to pick it up and use it.”

Events And Goings On

Free Gun Raffle For Veterans!  HAVA, Honored American Veterans Afield, and Glock are teaming up to award  a Glock 30th Anniversary commemorative pistol (1 of 30) to a deserving disabled veteran or wounded active duty military member who attends one of gun slingHAVA’s 2016 Family Day events.  The gun has been donated by Glock and is valued at $4,000.00.  The drawing for the gun will be held in November 2016 following the completion of HAVA Family Day events at Academi Training Center in Moyock, NC, Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, KY and San Antonio Police Training Center in San Antonio, TX.  If you are able to attend any of these event locations, be sure to show your support to the active duty and veterans in attendance.  HAVA is a 501(c)3 organization formed by companies in the shooting and outdoor industry with the purpose of raising awareness and further assisting disabled veterans with their healing process through guided hunts, shooting events and other outdoor sports activities

Bringham Young’s Gun.  A Colt Revolver built in 1854 for Bringham Young , who succeeded Joseph Smith as leader of Mormons.  The gun, with its “flawlessly executed firearm-finishing-nitre-bluescroll work” and “wolf head motif” has an estimated price of $550,000 to $850,000, according to Rock Island Auction Company, which is putting more than 3,000 guns up to bid from April 29 to May 1.  The gun comes with a deluxe rosewood case lined with a red wine velvet, a silver powder flask, a bullet mold and other tools. It is the gun that Young “personally cleaned, loaded and kept at the ready” for use against “nefarious persons.”

Gun Ranges Offer Educational Classes For Kids.  In The Tampa Florida area, parents hope putting a gun in their child’s hands could help arm them with gun safety knowledge french greyand save lives.  “We’re going to be learning about gun safety,” says Shooters World instructor Ann Gorman.Before the kids ever touch a real gun, Gorman teaches them how to separate the fun of shooting from the dangers of handling a gun outside of the range.  Kids as young as 6 years old participate in these classes.  The whole goal behind these classes is to educate children on how to be safe and handle a gun, in case they ever encounter one.  Taking preemptive measures will help avoid any mistakes curious children may have.  These ranges have classes for children at all different age levels and firearm knowledge.  More and more gun ranges are adopting these measures in hopes that tomorrows generation can put a stop to gun related accidents.  

What’s Happening Around Turnbull Manufacturing

We are always trying to improve things and extend our reach as a company.  With everything going on, it can be hard to inform all our customers and followers.  Here is a quick summary of what’s been going on with us here at Turnbull Manufacturing.

What’s New

The Limited Edition Engraved Turnbull 1886’s.  Every so often Doug will go into his RS resized for site “lab” and come up with something new and unique for his firearms.  He has come up with several ideas, like the Turnbull BBQ 1911’s, the Turnbull color cased AR series, and now the Limited Edition Engraved Turnbull 1886’s.  4 unique designs have been made and only one of each design is available.  Each design features its own unique engraving pattern, the scroll, #6, #9 and modified #10 patterns.  Each of these patterns have been modeled after classic Winchester engravings.  The receiver on these rifles are still in the white and can be color cased or blued.  To learn more about these amazing rifles, see their listing in our rifle inventory or stop out to see us at the NRA Convention May 20-22.

Turnbull has bought a new collection of handguns.  A big question we are always asked is; “Do we buy guns?” and the simple answer is “yes”.  We just got back from Florida where4-15-16 new collection on table we met with an individual who was looking to invest in a new venture and wanted to fund this new investment by selling his collection of vintage guns.  After careful inspection, Doug Turnbull bought the person’s  gun collection.  This collection consisted of several vintage rifles and handguns.  These guns will be made available in our firearm inventory within the next few weeks.

Turnbull Publications

Doug Turnbull in Petersen’s Hunting Magazine.  If you flip to page 38 of the June/Julytulsa-show3 2016 issue of Petersen’s Hunting magazine, you will find an article on Doug Turnbull.  The focus of the article is around the “Gun Builder”.  Doug was interviewed and asked questions about his profession and the jobs he employs.  The article is meant to give a snapshot of what it’s like to work restoring guns.  Several other professions are listed as well.  Professions like videographer, Winchester product manager, and commercial photographer.  The focus for these sections is jobs in the industry.  You can pick up a copy of this issue at most convenient stores or online.

What’s Coming Up

New shows on the horizon.  We have many new shows coming up in the near future.  WeCapture are particularly excited about the Bite the Bullet BBQ coming up on June 4th.  This is an event we attended last year and it was a ton of fun.  There will be great food, music, giveaways and guns.  We are also looking forward to the NRA Convention that starts on May 20th and runs through May 22nd.  At NRA we will be showcasing our 2016 Turnbull 1911’s as well as answering questions about potential restorations.  If you’ve been waiting for us to stop out at a show near you, please give us a call or email us your suggestion.  We are always looking to attend new shows.

Turnbull to enter the Maryland market.  For the last few months, we have been working to get our Turnbull 1911’s approved for sale in the state of Maryland.  We have a lot of great customers we want to be able to provide our 1911’s to that live in and around the Maryland area.  Going  through the state approval process is just our first step in bringing our Turnbull manufactured firearms to Maryland.  We should have an update in the upcoming months.  For a list of Turnbull registered dealers in your area, please visit our Locate a Dealer page or call us at 585-657-6338.

What’s Happening in the Firearm Industry

With all the gun related news and information out there, it can be hard to stay up to date.  Here is our summary of what industry related news is happening, going to happen and has happened.

New Developments

Being a custom gun maker, we have always had an appreciation for new gun designs.  There have been some new products to hit the market over the last month that we think are pretty interesting.

The Ideal Conceal, is a .380 compact carry pistol designed to fold up and look like a smartCapture phone.  The grip of the gun folds up over the trigger, and completes the shape and look of a smart phone in its case.  The design is about the size of a Galaxy S7 in a case, about 3 inches by 5 inches.  The gun was invented by Kirk Kjellberg out of Minnesota.  Kjellberg developed these Ideal Conceal guns after he was called out by a kid for carrying a gun, at which point, the entire restaurant knew he was carrying.  The pistols are retailing for $395.00 and are being advertised as 100% American made.  These guns have been met with some criticism over the effectiveness of concealing them, however, we will let you be the judge.

8 Bit Nintendo Video Game Zapper Glock.  This custom built Glock was specially designed and made for a close friend of Precision Syndicate LLC, the company that madetulsa-show3 this gun.  The gun will not be mass produced.  While it is not the first of its kind, it has raised the most interest on social media and is considered the most accurate of all the designs.  Since releasing images of the pistol on their social media platforms, Precision Syndicate LLC has received an overwhelming response.  The design has drawn more than 36,000 likes on Facebook in less than a week.  Not all responses have been positive though.  Many people have taken to social media to argue that these will be more dangerous to children since they look like toys.

Industry Events

Here are some of the upcoming events that are making news in the industry.

Concealed Carry Expo,  will be held April 29th through May 1st at the Georgia rust-blueInternational Convention Center in Atlanta Georgia.  This is the industry’s only show dedicated to the carry and conceal lifestyle.  The show will be a celebration of the carry and conceal lifestyle, which will include guest speakers and fully instructed classrooms.  If you are a conceal/carry person, this is a can’t miss event!

Jack Robertson Sporting Clays Invitational.  The 18th annual Jack Robertson Sporting Clay Invitational will be held on May 26th at the Ten Mile River Preserve in Dover Plains, rust-blueNew York.  This year will mark a first in the invitational’s long and storied history.   For the first time, there will be an all woman’s team competing.  The team is being sponsored by Mossberg and will feature a couple of seasoned shooters along with a few rookies.  The shoot is now organized by the Hunting Heritage Trust and has raised more than $ 325,000 in support of America’s hunting and shooting sports heritage, benefiting groups ranging from USA Shooting to St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and from the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance to the United States Military Academy at West Point-Pistol Team.

Opening Days

Here are some seasons that will be opening up soon.

Washington: Lowland Trout Season Begins April 23.  For many anglers, “opening day” is synonymous with the start of the lowland lakes trout-fishing season, which gets under way April 23 this year. Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians typically descend on trout-stocked lakes to kick off the state’s biggest outdoor event. To prepare for the upcoming season, hatchery crews from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) have been working since last year to stock millions of fish in hundreds of lakes throughout the state. Anglers can find how many went where at  All 2015/2016 fishing licenses expired as of March  31st 2016.  Be sure to get your new fishing permit before you head out.


Doug Turnbull Featured in Hunter’s Path

Bowler-hat-w-1911-in-showroomDoug Turnbull and Turnbull Restoration have been restoring vintage firearms for more than 30 years.  Over this time period, Doug and his company have amassed a wealth of knowledge on how to restore these vintage guns.  Because of this, Doug and his company have gained the reputation as the “go to” place for your restoration.

The restoration process is a very sensitive process, in a sense the it is a form of artwork.  In the most recent issue of Hunter’s Path, you can read an article/interview featuring Doug Turnbull, titled “The Art of Firearm Restoration” by Chris Eberhart.  Every detail matters when restoring a gun.  Even details like theIMG_6288 direction the polish is applied to the gun, makes a huge difference.  This article gives you a good insight into how Doug got started and evolved over the years.

Whether you are interested in restorations or you are an aspiring gunsmith, this article is a great read.  The people at Hunter’s Path do a great job putting out amazing content year after year.  You can read this article by going to clicking here.  Foremost Hunting is a great source of hunting information which comes out with new publications weekly.  If you would like to learn more about Foremost Hunting, go to and sign up for their free newsletter.

2015 Fall Tulsa Arms Show

This weekend we attended the Wanemacher’s Tulsa Arms show in Tulsa Oklahoma, which took place at the Expo Square (Tulsa Fairgrounds) on Saturday Nov 14th to Sunday Nov 15th.   We would like to thank everyone who made it out to see us.  The Tulsa Arms Show is one of the biggest mid-west shows, and with over 4,000 tables the attendees had more than 5 miles of tables to walk and view. Tulsa Arms show 2015 -2

At the show, we featured a pair of Turnbull AR’s that were specially engraved and designed for Mike and Kim Kamler.  These beautiful guns were the envy of most people that stopped at our table.  We also featured two free raffles, an exclusive Tulsa Arms Show giveaway package and the Turnbull $1,000.00 gift certificate raffle.  The star of the show, however, was Doug Turnbull.  People walked the entire show to find us and to talk with Doug.  Doug was able to speak with the attendees and answer a lot of questions they had about vintage firearms and his past experiences.  With his iconic Bowler hat on, Doug was recognized where ever he walked.  Doug loved attending the show and commented that the Tulsa Arms Show is historically a great show to attend and he can’t wait to come back. Capture

The Tulsa Arms Show was a very well a great success, Doug will be back next year so mark your calendars and stop by to say “Hi” to Doug.  We hope to see you at the next Tulsa Arms Show.

Turnbull Teams Up With African Sporting Creations!

CCH shooting sticks

Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co. is proud to announce we have teamed up with African Sporting Creations to offer the Turnbull Color Case Hardened Shooting Sticks.  For more than 10 years, African Sporting Creations has made thousands of amazing shooting sticks.

The Turnbull Color Case Hardened Shooting Sticks are made from your choice of Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) or Hickory.  They feature extra soft, hand sewn bison leather tops, steel color case hardened connectors, custom brass sleeves and beautiful 5mm mammoth ivory “night sights” inlaid into the shafts.  Not only are these sticks beautiful but functional as well, by making them very easy to travel with and carry.  These sticks are quickly and easily assembled in the field and are just as easy to disassemble.  The sticks come with a heavy-duty canvas carrying case to offer betterCCH shooting sticks close up protection.

African Sporting Creations offers a variety of safari gear perfect for the avid hunter.  We, at Turnbull, are very proud to have teamed up with them to offer these Color Case Hardened Shooting Sticks!  You can visit their website at, to check out all of their amazing products.  For more information on these sticks, call 419-529-5599 or order online here.

Turnbull Featured in Gun Digest


Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing is proud to be featured on the cover of Gun Digest’s Fall 2015 Show & Auction Special issue.  Gun Digest reviewed our new gun for 2016, the Turnbull 1911 Commander Heritage.  Within the magazine is a very nice write up on the Commander Heritage, titled “Command & Conquer”.

At Turnbull, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality manufacturing possible.  When interviewed for this issue of Gun Digest, Doug Turnbull wanted to emphasize the attention to detail and quality engineering that goes into every new gun.  Gun Digest does a great job illustrating these qualities, while pointing out that the Commander Heritage is a great gun to shoot.  The Commander Heritage is the new featured Turnbull gun for 2016 and will be presented at the 2016 Shot Show.

Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing would like to thank the team at Gun Digest for this opportunity.  A special thank you to Eric Conn for the great work he did on the photographs and article.  Gun Digest is a quality magazine and we are very proud to be associated with them.

We hope you take the time to pick up a copy of Gun Digest’s Fall 2015 Show & Auction Special and read the amazing article on Turnbull Manufacturing.  To get a copy of this issue visit, here you can also subscribe to the magazine digitally.  To learn more about Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing, and the products we make, visit us at

Doug Turnbull: Man of the Year

Cover of Bullet MagazineTurnbull Manufacturing is proud to announce that Doug Turnbull has been recognized by Bullet Magazine as Man of the Year.  Bullet Magazine is the official journal of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.  The NYSRPA is dedicated to preserving our second amendment rights.

Turnbull Manufacturing is proud to announce that Doug Turnbull has been recognized by Bullet Magazine as Man of the Year.  Bullet Magazine is the official journal of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.  The NYSRPA is dedicated to preserving our second amendment rights.

Turnbull Manufacturing is very proud of the work Doug has done throughout his life and the contributions he has made.  Doug hopes it will help inspire people to work with organizations like the NYSRPA continue the fight to preserve the second amendment.  “By taking our knowledge of vintage restorations and applying it to newly manufactured guns, we can pass on a piece of American craftsmanship and history to everyone who owns a Turnbull gun.”  Special thanks go out to Bullet Magazine for their work and contributions they make every day.

To learn more about the NYSRPA and to subscribe to Bullet Magazine, please visit  You can read the entire “Man of the Year” issue by visiting

Did I pay too much for my Model 1911

When buying a 1911 pistol, the biggest question people have is, did I spend too much for it or did I get a good value?  There are a few things you need to pay attention to when pricing out your Model 1911 Pistol; first, were all the parts machine fit or hand fit?  Second, are the parts made overseas or made in America?  And third, what kind of finish and polish has been applied to the gun? gov heritage with brown leather background  

Were all the parts machine fit or hand fit?

The biggest cost variable is whether or not a gun’s parts were machine fit or fit by a skilled Gunsmith.  The cheaper the gun, the more likely all the parts were machine fit.  In a lot of cases, machine fit parts have a tendency to be put together poorly and be out of tolerance.  Parts that are out of tolerance can cause the gun to wear down more quickly.  When this happens, parts may touch or wear in places that they were never intended to, potentially shortening the life and performance of the gun.  With hand fit parts, a Gunsmith will measure, calibrate and fit each part to ensure that they fit and function properly.  The Gunsmith will know what imperfections to pay attention to when building the gun, and knows how each part should function to reach its optimal performance.  The extra attention paid to the each step, makes assembling the gun much more time consuming, thus driving the cost up.  You can always buy the 1911 cheap and fix all the parts yourself, however, it takes strong knowledge and experience, as well as time to get all the parts fitting properly.  One of the biggest issues people have is they tend to shave too much metal off the parts, to get them to fit properly, and they compromise the integrity of the gun.  A hand fit 1911 will be a high performing and aesthetically pleasing gun, is what you want to look for when buying a 1911 pistol.Standard 1911 angled with light tan leather background LS 2

Were the parts made overseas or made in America?

Where the parts of a gun are made can certainly influence the price of the gun.  As a whole, anything made in the USA tends to be more expensive, for a variety of different reasons (mostly political), and this certainly applies to gun parts.  The difference between American made and non-American made parts has been hotly debated over the years, but it is largely based on your personal preference (similar to the car industry).  When I am buying a gun, my personal preference is to have all the parts made in the USA as I like to boast that my gun is 100% American made.  Typically, guns that are made from American made parts tend to also be hand fit instead of machine fit.  In this writer’s opinion, there is nothing like a classic American Colt Model 1911 WWI style gun made in all American parts, nothing says AMERICA, better than that.

What kind of finish and polish has been applied to the gun?

When looking to buy a quality made Model 1911, you want to make sure the colors are kept to their authentic, age appropriate finishes.  If the 1911 has been blued, you want to make sure that it is colored to the age period specific tone, so it maintains its historic look.  The closer the match, the more expensive the gun will, or should be.  Some companies have almost perfected the technique of matching the finish of the gun to it’s original age period finish, and thus they charge a premium for it.  The process is time consuming and the better the match, the longer the process will take.  Another important detail that many people overlook is the direction on which the polish was applied.  Each model of gun is made differently and that includes the direction to which the gun polish is applied.  If the polish is not applied in the correct direction, it may make the gun look odd and, to an experienced gun enthusiast, will not look age period appropriate.  It is also important to ask if it was machine polished or hand polished.  The machine polishing process does not produce a gun that looks age appropriate.  By hand polishing it, the gunsmith is able to work the polish so it comes out as close to the authentic look as possible, this hand process is an art form.  Anytime a craftsman manufactures something by hand, the quality and attention to detail are usually top notch, and this is no different when it comes to 1911’s and the polish that is on them.

It is important that any 1911 you buy meets these standards.  If a gun manufacturer cuts corners on any of these standards, they may also have cut other corners during other stages of production.  It is always important to ask your gun shop a lot of questions, like these, to make sure you are buying a quality item that will retain its value and become a family heirloom.

To learn more about how guns are manufactured, please feel free to visit us at

Turnbull would like to Thank RIMES group!!

IMG_9203Turnbull would like to say thank you to the RIMES group for coming in and touring our facility.  We would like to especially thank Don Miller, Ken Nelson and Don Allis for heading up the event.  

The tour started with a fantastic speech by our Owner and CEO Doug Turnbull, where he described how Turnbull Manufacturing made its roots and how we got to where we are today.  From there, people were able to walk through the production floor to see how each step of a restoration and gun manufacturing takes place.  Turnbull staff members, Doug Turnbull, John Gligora and Sam Chappell, explained the process that takes place at each work station and showed examples of actual work that is currently in production.  Each of the Turnbull staff members was able to field specific questions that visitors had, to better explain how and what goes on here and at each step of the process.  Many visitors were able to share their experiences and ask questions about guns they are or have built, making this a great learning opportunity for both visitors and us.  At the end of the tour, the RIMES group, led by Ken Nelson, Don Miller and Don Allis, treated the Turnbull staff to a very nice Dinner at Mickey Finns, who did a fantastic job with the event.


As well as offering tours of our facility, Turnbull is more than happy to offer companies, or individuals, the opportunity to have a series of Turnbull Model 1911 handguns custom made, when you purchase 25 or more.  As part of the customization, we will come out and sit down with you and or your company, to help design a custom gun, just for you or your company.  Some custom options include custom engraving patterns, company logos, custom serial numbers and personalized/initialed guns.  If anyone has interest in this offer, please contact Tracy Halpin ( or John Gligora ( at 585-657-6338 for more information.

IMG_9234Pictures of this event are available, at no cost, for anyone who would like them.  For more information about the event or pictures of the event, please contact Aaron Frank ( at 585-657-6338.

Again, thank you to everyone who attended the tour, we hope you had a great time, and hope to see everyone again real soon.