470 Turnbull Rifle Components


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470-475 RoundsThe Marlin Model 1895 receiver is not large enough to handle the 475 Turnbull. So to insure shooters using Marlin rifles were not left out. We developed a slightly shorter version of the 475 Turnbull… the 470 Turnbull.

The 470 Turnbull rifle cartridge is simply a continuation of the original 475 Turnbull cartridge designed specifically for use in the Marlin Model 1895 action.

470 Turnbull conversions can be made to either original rifles or the new production Model 1895 Marlin rifles, including the “Guide Guns”.

470 Turnbull Ballistics
(470 Turnbull Reloading Data )

Bullet Weight (grains) Muzzle Velocity (ft/sec) Muzzle Energy (ft lbs)
350 2010 3140
400 1850 3040
450 1725 2973
470 Turnbull Caliber/Barrel Conversion Price
Existing Barrel (re-bore) Call for Pricing
New Barrel (up to 26") Call for Pricing
Extra barrel length up to 30" Call for Pricing
Barrel over 30" Call for Pricing
475 Turnbull Reloading Dies & Brass Price
RCBS Loading Dies Call for Pricing
Hornady Loading Dies Call for Pricing
Headstamped Brass (Box of 20) Call for Pricing